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Website Popularity

Why be popular?

When other respected and trusted web sites supply a link to your site, it can be taken as a true measure of its success. This is especially the case if they are prominent in your industry and link without direct encouragement. The more links, the greater the receiving sites popularity.

In addition to the visitors such a link will bring, search engines partly decide where a site is placed in search results by considering how many sites provide a link and the popularity of the referring sites themselves.

How to get noticed?

Our web team ensures your web site meets the needs of its visitors and captivates your chosen audience, making your site a valuable resource, worth recommending. This "Viral marketing," both offline and online, can be enhanced by proactively seeking the attention of sites and the people, who matter to your target audience.


In the real world, the media and influential figures have been responsible for the rise or fall of companies. Packaging your message, approaching the media, and dealing with potential pitfalls is a job for a professional. Our marketing staff are backed by specialists to meet all your needs.


On the Internet, there are literally millions of promotional opportunities. Some, such as discussions within topical web forums, lead to a subtle mention of your web site. Others involve as little as a simple link to your site or a more detailed introduction to your offering. All count towards the success of your site.

What we can do?

With the assistance of the web team, our consultants can help you establish what opportunities are available. Your marketing specialist can then suggest the best ways to get the recommendations needed to achieve your goals. Many can be carried out by your in-house staff, with our help, whilst other more complicated negotiations would benefit from our expertise.

Each campaign is designed to meet your budget and needs. Contact us to find out what promotion could do for your company.

Impressing search engines

Attracting recommendations from prominent web sites can give you a massive competitive advantage.

Email Marketing

  • Generating recommendations
  • Search engine placement
  • Increasing visitor levels
  • Negotiating partnerships
  • Negotiating advert rates
  • Developing adverts
  • Marketing analysis

Search Engine Services

Search Engine Services