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Fundraiser of the month, May 2005

David Hillier was told in 2002 that he would be dead by now. He was suffering from prostate cancer at the age of 37.

However thanks to experimental chemotherapy and radiotherapy here and in New York - and a lot of cycling - he feels fit and well and has stopped asking the doctors when he's going to die. Instead, he's preparing to cycle the forty-two mile Five Boroughs Bike Ride in New York City on 1 May, 2005.

"We're at the uncontrollable excitement stage now, having gone through the uncontrollable stress stage a few days ago", David told Justgiving.

He will be joined by 30 friends on the day, and plans to cross the finish line with as many of them as possible.

"The group has had different levels of training - from none to quite a lot. The idea for me is rather than to go round and prove I'm a good athlete is to be with as many of those people as possible when we go over the line, so it's a day we'll remember."

David and his friends have already raised over £115,000 online for the Prostate Cancer Charity and more offline.

"From an emotional point of view I suppose mine is quite an easy story to sell," says David with brutal honesty. However, working in the male environment of the City has meant a lot of people, who are able to give generously, have been moved to do so.

Raising money online also meant that the task was made easier for all the men joining the ride as they could contact a wide range of friends, colleagues in the US could donate easily and the pain of collecting the money was removed.

"We are all agreed that this is one of the best things the Internet has led to. Without the Justgiving webpage I doubt if we'd have got half that amount," says David.

He believes it's vital for people like him to raise as much money as possible for organisations like the Prostate Cancer Charity.

"Prostate cancer isn't as well supported as, say, breast cancer - possibly because it's thought to only affect old men. My case, and an increasing incidence of the disease in young men, shows that that is not true. There is a need for men of all ages to have access to well funded sources of information on the disease and help in coping with a diagnosis of prostate cancer."

You can show your support for David and his team by sponsoring him here.

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About Gift Aid

UK charities are entitled to 28% tax reclaim from the Inland Revenue on every £1 donated by UK taxpayers. Unfortunately, charities often miss out on this extra income because it is too expensive to process the paperwork on small donations.

Justgiving has solved the problem by automating the process of Gift Aid reclaim so that every £1 you give is worth more, and costs less to administer, for your favourite charity. Our processes have been audited and approved by the Inland Revenue.

What do I have to do?

When you donate, you will be asked to confirm whether or not you are a UK taxpayer. Please note that tax can only be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount reclaimed on their donations in the current tax year. If in doubt, please contact us.

Benefits to higher-rate taxpayers

If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can reclaim tax relief on your gross donation at 18% (eg the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate at 22%).

For example, if you give £100 we can reclaim an extra £28.21 for the charity and you can reclaim another £23.08. As a result, a £100 gift worth £128.21 to your favourite charity only costs you £76.92.

Your Justgiving Account helps you claim tax relief by keeping an accurate record of your donations. Simply print out a copy of your donations history and attach it to your tax return.

What if I am not a UK taxpayer?

The Gift Aid scheme is unique to the UK. If you are not a UK taxpayer, you can still make a donation through Justgiving, but your donation will not attract the 28% tax 'bonus'.

Please note that transaction fees apply to donations made on this website.


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Justgiving for Companies

Half a million people can’t be wrong.

That’s how many have discovered Justgiving’s unique and unrivalled online fundraising tools – and we’d like your employees to join them.

Company fundraising is good for staff and good for business. Our cutting edge fundraising tools make it fun, easy and far more engaging than traditional methods.

Research shows that involving employees in community activities raises morale, strengthens teamwork and improves your company's reputation. Most importantly it won’t cost you a penny to get started!

So talk to us and bring your company fundraising to life.

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