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Graphic Design Process

Clients Testing Server

As a client your time is valuable. Our graphics and web teams work to ensure the best solution to captivate your target audience. To facilitate this, all your projects draft imagery is displayed in your own secure online server, accessible from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

As part of the design process, a range of designs will be created to meet our understanding of your needs. Whether in person or through email and telephone, your project manager and designers will be able to understand which designs are on the right track and the changes necessary to make them perfect.


These secure facilities make it easier to communicate feedback internally with your own staff and externally with a select group of your current customers. Ensuring your web and print media promote a clear and complete message, as intended.

Your projects progress Your own project manager
Support from your web and graphics team Logo drafts and development process
Draft website design process
Draft website design process
  Draft website design process
Once your chosen logo and website drafts are completed you are provided with the location of your sites online development area.
Approved design passed to development team
Approved design passed to development team
Approved design passed to development team

What You Can Do

Contact one of our project managers for help or our honest opinion on your current corporate image, for free. 0845 345 2572

Design Process

Like a magnificent tree, an impressive corporate image doesn't just appear. It grows from an acorn, ideas and an impression of the right look. Turning that inspiration into reality is the key.

The Promise

The promise

After establishing your current target audience and business model, your consultant will suggest what improvements really matter for both web and print.

We will provide you with recommendations on the best solution to meet your goals and provide the greatest return on your investment.

Additional advice is given on which elements will ensure any limited budget is improved by capturing the revenue most available to you, first.

The Process

Subject to your budget and needs we:
  • Evaluate whether your corporate design is losing you revenue & establish the best plan of action
  • Design and create your imagery
  • Test and evaluate the results
  • Launch and market your new brand

Take pride in a job well done