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Please choose the banner you most prefer. Rolling over the links in the box on the right will present you with various examples. Please inform your project manager with the form at the foot of this page.

Choose the style of your banner
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Choosing Your Banner And Navigation Style

This is where we help you decide on the style of banners and navigation for your new site. Rolling over the links on the left will give you an impression of how a site looks with the different options available.
  • Banner

    Your banner is the area above the text within your site that displays your corporate identity and often an image. Normally this and the navigation remain in place throughout your site
  • Navigation

Your navigation is the list of links that lead to pages or categories within your site. These can be running top to bottom or left to right. Their positioning can differ subject to your preference, however to ease usability it should remain the same throughout your site

How To Choose

  1. Banner

    Your banner can have various design styles
    Your company name and logo can be placed to the left or right, it can dominate the banner or it can share the space with a photo that fits in with your company's offering and character.
  2. Navigation

    Your navigation can flow from top to bottom or from left to right. It's positioning and style can vary in accordance with your corporate image

This online design area will display a range of banner and navigation examples.

It's role is to help our clients provide an idea of their requirements. This will enable your graphic designers to develop a draft design to meet the needs of your new website

Rolling over the links in the left column with show you the different example images. Please view the banner options first and then the navigation examples.

...... Choose your option

Entering and submitting you choices in the form at the foot of your help area will update you project manager to your choices. For example showing your preference for your banner would be A1 , A2, etc.